Monday, September 26, 2011

Step one: Drink Tons of Diet Coke™ .
Step two: ???? Step three: PROFIT!!!

Oh yeah, and Fresca™  too. 

So ... I have a problem. I'm a Diet Coke™-aholic.  This is my dirty little secret. I know it's quite early in our relationship for me to be so self-revealing.  But that's just how I am. All my cans on the table. Take me or leave me. 

Meanwhile, I will continue my joyful consumption of my favorite beverage, neigh friend, Diet Coke™ . 

Although friends and family have made attempts to slow my pace with silly concerns about health and whatnot. I am undeterred. But to mitigate the situation for them I have fortunately found an upside. (Aside from the thousands of saved calories from years of finding "regular" sodas as appealing as drinking anti-freeze with urine cubes.)  I have discovered this neat little code inside of the 12-pack boxes that I regularly constantly bring home.  This wonderful code is also in the plastic caps on the bottles and apparently on the other Coca-Cola™ products (but who cares about them).  

So, you go to the My Coke Rewards website, register, and enter these codes in order to accumulate points. Then after you accumulate enough points (which should take you like, one or two days) you turn them in for gift certificates, magazine subscriptions, sweepstakes entries and various gifts including Coca-Cola™ logo-ed items (for you collectors). It is an awesome deal.  So, less calories plus free stuff. Bi-winning! 

Disclaimer: O.K. maybe it won't take YOU one or two days. Not everyone is as awesome as the queen. But don't fret my loyal subjects, at 10 points for the boxes and 3 points for the bottles you can score a tidy sum in a reasonable amount of time.  The magazines are frequently 133 points and up.  ( I even got one subscription for only 66 points during a special offer.) 

So now I have more magazines than I have coffee table! 
(Pay no attention to the Mardi Gras beads and the bits of torn up Lei on the floor. My son was home sick today and...well, he was home sick today. )

There will be another use for these cans to be revealed a bit latter this year.  Yes, it will involve "upcycling".  I love that word. 


Daisy said...

There are many of us Diet Coke-aholics...then there are those who create Diet Coke-aholics..(shame on you).

But I do love em too...nice article... said...

I am a Coke-aholic and am now following you from the blog hop! You are a great writer and your blog is a fun read!

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