Friday, September 30, 2011

Hair Color Schism

Pink polyester princess.

There it is. Au natural. Pre-gray "highlights". Yep, it's auburn. I think it's auburn. I was never really sure. No one told me when I was young what it was meant to be.  However, I did get a comment as a teen from a random guy. "That's a very unusual hair color." Yeah, I knew.  

I remember being asked to describe my hair-color on the phone once and using all three basic hair-color words I knew at the time.  "Well it's kinda brownish blonde with reddish tones."  I didn't learn for many years that "brownish blonde with reddish tones" is "auburn".  It's nice to finally understand myself.  Well, at least my hair anyway. 

Over the years I did the usual hair experiments (and while young several unusual ones).  There was blonde, white-blonde, golden, bright red, dark burgundy, and as a teen, many unnatural colors to do streaks and some overwashing in pinks and purples....and blues....and greens....well, you get the idea. 

I have found through trials and errors some lovely off-the-shelf colors that go very well with my skin tone, etc.  So I know if I ever want to go blond exactly which champagne blonde works.  I've also settled on a coppery auburn (after trying nearly every shade in that family) that is my go-to color for as close to natural as I can currently get while dealing with the little grays sprouting and giving back the luster that age takes from us "reddish toned" types. 

I'm good with those colors. Really I am.  

No make-up, but it's just between us friends, right? 

So here's where we are today. Sorry about the scary-eyes.  It was the sun making a weird little highlight.  I'm not going to zap you with my laser beams or anything.  Laser beam eyes, that would rawk...where was I?  Oh yeah, so I was trying to capture the color with the sun and it's pretty close. I do love this color,L'Oreal Preference Intense Red Copper and it make my grays (less than 10%) look like shimmery highlights. This pic is after about a month of fading and not being careful to wash my hair with cold water. Hey, I'm an autism mom give me a break. A warm shower is the only mini-vacay I get most days...where was I? Oh yeah, it's still a lovely color with shimmer, highlights and low-lights.  It's just a lighter shade now than I prefer. 

So it's time to re-dye.  Or is it....? Dun, dun, DUNNNNN. 

I must change it. I must, I must, I must.  It's not anything against it, but I need to change it or I'll go mad, MAD I tell you.  Sorry, I'll let go of your collar now. 

So, here's what I've been contimplating: Definitely some pink.  I've got a fresh jar of  Manic Panic New Rose just burning a hole in my bathroom shelf. But what with the pink?  Black and pink? Maybe.  Red (auburn) and pink? Sounds interesting.  All pink? Very tempting.  Decisions, decisions. So, I will make up my mind this weekend and get back to you. 

Stay tuned, this could get amusing. 

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Daisy said...

KEWL...waaaay KEWL...I can hardly wait to see and hear of the final color decision, she said with baited breath...wait, why did I write that....don't know..
Anyway, I admire you for your pure GUTZ on doing something so radical as dyeing your hair to PINK..really?? I've thought about it..alot..but as brave as I can be with so many areas of life, doing THAT is um, TOO MUCH for me.. but I love to watch other hop scotch their way to 'Stare.dom'...hahaha
*Can't wait..this I gotta see..see me posted..literally*

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