Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's not You. It's Me...I Don't Like You.

We once had a good thing. We understood each other. We didn't give each other drama or headaches. I never had to hang my head in shame when people found out that I was with you. You were dependable, reliable, and cute.

Now...well, you know how it's been. You freeze me out during the simplest of interactions. You use all of my stuff and leave none for me. You make me question my own sanity. My friends keep asking me why I still have you around. I guess I'm slow to accept reality. My fault.

Well, I've moved on. Firefox, we've had our time. Now I've found Chrome and we are getting along just fine. I'll always remember our better days. No hard feelings.

That being said, for all my techie and non-techie friends. I've done the research and while Google Chrome has been officially edging out Mozilla Firefox for the last several months on speed, ease of use and reduced add-on hassles; Firefox has been making strides to regain ground with quick release updates every 6 weeks or so. However, they have had conflicts with one of my favorite add-ons Google Tool-bar (coincidence? I think not.). I can't just type in "" in a browser window anymore. I have a reputation!

As with all internet techie stuff. YMMV. My system, which is a pretty spiffy Intel Dual Core, just doesn't care for Firefox anymore. You may not experience the problems I did. Try both. Especially if you have only ever tried factory installed IE. God help you.

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