Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This is not a political blog, but...

Really, people?

 Personally, I don't have a problem with the plethora of political posts populating the public pathways at election time.  (Hold on, my keyboard's stuck...p, p, p.  Got it.)  Anyway, I don't even have an issue with seeing large banners and signs promoting folks and issues with which I disagree.  I actually, enjoy it.  It's a part of being free American and having cool things like the First Amendment.  
However, when I see this and this...

I lose all of those good and positive emotions and they are replaced with ire and disgust.   Seriously,  do you think that I would consider voting for someone based on your sign's recommendations when I consider the morality of someone who would do this?   I am not painting the candidate with the brush of the scumbag who placed those signs in that manner.  I am however, saying that the scumbag in question is not someone who's advice should be taken when deciding a worthy candidate. 

Congratulations, scumbag.  You have only harmed your candidate by your scumbag behavior.

Political rant over.

* Note: There were many, many more  examples of this and if I have time later I will get more pics and post them just for posterity. 

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