Friday, September 27, 2013

Tropical Coasters/Trivets

Nine tropical coasters / trivets read for the shop. That's 27 little hand-painted yellow stars. Ugh!

I used Martha Stewart Multi-surface High Gloss paints on ceramic tiles and baked them in the oven to set the colors against damage and moisture.  Finally, I glued some cork sheeting on the backs and used me beloved Dremel to grind the corners into a semi-rounded shape. Viola! Trivets!

Monday, September 23, 2013

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Approaches

It's that time of year again.  While I'm surrounded with fall colors and Halloween decorations in shops, blogs, and social media sites, all I see is pink.    Yes, I'm following my pinkified head hair tradition again this year.  Here's a quick pic from today...

I don't want to nag you.  You know what you need to do.  But, if it's been a while you can find a list of low-cost screening locations near you at the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month'swebsite and often local providers will have special deals to commemorate the month.

O.K. now run go take care of yourself because I said so and I'm smart.  See, I have glasses...


Seriously, do it for you and for your family.  I miss my mom everyday.

Hugs and stuff!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Keepin' it Retro!

Took The Wubie shopping yesterday.  We didn't find anything he liked and the clothing selection was lacking in the young men's department. (Gads! We have to shop for him in young men's. ) But it was only an outlet store, so no worries.  We just needed an outing.

I did pick up a great Breast Cancer Awareness Month shirt.  I'll post a pic soon.  As we were checking out I spied these peeping back at me from across the aisle...

Rockin' the Cat Eyes

I'm not kidding it was like one of those movie scenes where the hero and the heroine spot each other from across a crowd and the music swells and the camera shot does some weird perspective trick where they seem to be coming toward you even though neither of them are moving and everything else fades in the background to a blurry gray and the other noises disappear.  THAT happened to me.

So, I walked floated over to them before the cashier could say, "I'll get them for you ma..." and *angels singing* picked them up from their perch.   THEN, be still my already smitten heart, I saw the temples! (Note: Glasses arms are called 'temples'.)  They had flowers on them! FLOWERS! (so very me) Pink and purple flowers! (also me) TROPICAL pink and purple flowers! (me, me and me) Tropical pink and purple flowers on a background of green ferns on the sides of WHITE CAT EYE SUNGLASSES!!!  I just...I...just...EEEEEEEEeeeeeeee!  I literally fangirled out over these things.  

But wait, that's not even the best part.  *Breathe* They. were. only. 6. dollars.  Youheardmeright. Six smackeroos.  Yes, please.   I'll take those. Snatch.

I plunked those retro bad girls down on the counter and lovely cashier lady said to me, "Aren't you glad it's Friday and you're getting an additional 15% discount on everything?"  She might have some something else after that, but I think I fainted. 

It was a good Friday. (The Wubie had lots of fun too.)

edit: Why do I always insist on putting up bare-faced pictures of myself online?  I swear I do wear makeup. I really do.  There is something very very wrong with me.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

First Evah Bowl of Spaghetti* !

Lot's of effort, but worth it!

He takes a bite and uses both hands to push the food into his mouth. It's a technique in flux.
Too bad the garden hose doesn't reach the kitchen table.
*GF/CF of course.

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