Monday, April 2, 2012

Broken Shoes and Double Rainbows


I'm a shoe girl.  This hurt my heart. Sigh...anyhoos.   

I took this pic to share with my friends the sort of day I was having.  The shoes weren't my favorite, so it was more of a metaphor really.  Walking forward as rightly as I can.  Even taking some time to look cute.  Out of nowhere, my glue breaks down and I'm hobbling like a disoriented zombie.  

This isn't just caused by poorly constructed shoes.  Sometimes it's hormonal imbalance, unexpected phone calls, unwelcomed mail, a bad night's sleep, or a friend disappointing.  Truth be told, I expect the list could go on forever.  It seems I am perpetually one step away from a vapid stare and insatiable hunger for fresh brains. 

That is why it amuses me to hear people give me the "you are such a strong person" pep talk.  I appreciate the emotional support, but in reality the praise is misplaced.  I am a child of God. In my weakness I am made strong because of my faith.  

Double Rainbow!!

I realize that not everyone has the same perspective on this.  However, I think that most can at least appreciate the principle in this way; I choose to accept my weaknesses and not let them become my excuse for not continuing to move forward.  I choose to appreciate the goodness around, gifts given, and lessons learned so that my riches are beyond mere physical measure and my treasure trove is boundless. 

Yes, it was "all the way across the sky"!

What a great day I had!


the worstest mommy said...

Sometimes the "You're such a strong person to go through all that" talk irritates me. My take on it is if you (being the person saying this to me) had been given this to go through, they would be strong to! When it's your child, you find strength you never knew you had....and at the same time, you find incredible weakness and you don't know how to go on, but you do. Like you said, sometimes it's just the day...but it usually just annoys me .__.

Effie said...

Yes, I often find myself saying these things too. "If it was your child, yes you could handle it. You would do what you have to do."

Oh well, they mean well, but I see how it can also be perceived as an insult to our children. I take it as unintentional.

Denise said...

Blessings to you.

Daisy said...

Nice shoes but love the rainbows..smiles

Radical Redneck said...

Hang in there and keep 'em bouncin"!

Jessie@saavysavings said...

Hi! Returning the Linky Love! :) Nice rainbows and message! We all go through these times and thank God we can lean and depend on Him! Excited to get to know you more! Happy to be following!

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