Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Egg Plate

Cool vintage egg server I picked up at local indoor flea market.

vintage egg plate

No marks on the bottom, but the colors and the pattern indicate 1950's.
My favorite decor era!

Happy Easter!

UPDATE: Did some research and found this egg plate was made by a company called Canonsburg in Pennsylvania. They existed from 1900 to 1978. This particular pattern is called "WILD CLOVER" and was indeed produced in the 1950s and discontinued in 1960. This is part of why I enjoy vintage items. I love to find out about them. This is also why I sell on eBay and other online venues. I will be posting some eBay tips soon. Stay tuned!


Daisy said...

Oh WOW! I so LOVE this plate and I ADORE deviled eggs! I could eat them all day...until my poots would drive people to beg me to not eat anymore or at least not when they are around. HAHA

Yep, love the plate...and your posts!!

Denise said...

I love this, ladybugs are so cute.

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