Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You Know What I Did Last Summer...er...This Summer

Yes, I made quite a hullabaloo about this being a "New Year" and all. Yes, The Wubie ™ has officially been in school for one week (we started a week early this year.)  Yes, I am ratcheting up for new and kewl things (to be announced). However, we are still technically, that is to say according to the old calender on the wall desktop experiencing Summer. Now I know it's still summer because it took me over 2 hours to mow the lawn this morning. Note to self: Next time wear my gloves. Blisters hurt.  Also, technically, that is to say officially Autumn begins on September 23rd.

So...Summer 2011 here in the Stuff and Giggles household is going well. The Wubie ™ had a wonderful summer camp experience with the good folks at Camp Able which is run by the A.R.C.  They went on daily field trips including parks, beaches, horseback riding, sailing, bowling, movies and other fun activities.  They had an end of summer production and carnival.  About 100 parents were in attendance.  The Wubie ™ played drums to B-I-N-G-O and danced the Cha Cha Slide with the group. I found out that his camp nickname was "Hollywood" and he has quite a reputation with the ladies. He's a big flirt.

There was also swim lessons on Saturdays, Soccer on Friday nights, a couple of overnight visits at Gammy's house and a new friend from carpooling...Jaaaasmine. There was hugging. I took pictures.

As for mom, I restarted my online auction business using eBay and Bonanza.com (more blogging on that later), made some decisions about other business and personal items  (more on that later as well), and...well...here I am, Blogging. Really, blogging in earnest and not that namby pamby social media stuff. This is the real deal, people. I am a blogger. Woohoos! 

Here are some pics from our summer:  
The Garden...So Far
This is the first year we have successfully started with seeds and got actual flowers!

 Strawberry Shortcake with Vanilla in Batter for Extra Yumminess

Summer Dishes
All Retro Aqua and Pink Goodness
I am ready for any emergency involving ice cream.

I don't know who he gets it from...

Was it worth it?
Oh yeah...
Cool, so very "me" sign I picked up this summer.
It greets me as I come home and helps me adjust my 'tude.

What did you do this summer?

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Debra said...

Hey, I LOVE these old.new.again.retro.ish..COLORS!! love them..may adopt them as me very own...sneak.sneak...
Anyway, very nice to see someone who genuinely loves her house, yard, life, caring for her son even in extreme stress of what the face of Autism can bring..you cheer me with your daily.bloggy.ness..nice...shame I can't reach through this computer and snag that shortcake..yum.yum...

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