Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Multiple Streams of Cash Flow

I'm busy. Usually I'm juggling a basketful of tasks, chores, "must-dos" and a few"uh-oh's". Sometimes I even get to squeeze in a some"want to's"...leisure activities... mini-vacays if you will.  Like watching an episode of "Hoarders" online ( while eating breakfast.  Yeah, I have an iron stomach. Point is I'm usually actively doing, thinking, researching, cleaning, creating, planning, fixing, and playing.  I am never. ever. bored.

To the casual observer my life may seem like a shiftless cacophony, a frustratingly disorganized approach, or a series of random stabs at ethereal targets. To myself, this life is a wonderfully exciting tapestry of color, texture and unexpected forms culminating in beautiful picture to be revealed at a later and more enlightened time.  I am never. ever. bored.

I do have my reasons folks.  I don't always share them all with the class, but reasons exist nonetheless. Here's one of them: profit.  I have found that nearly every experience, talent, story, and creation is a valuable asset that can be leveraged. Sometimes even for money.

Yes, there are things far more valuable than money. In fact, money isn't even valuable when subjected to the light of reality. As in, eternity an all.  However, for now, we have to deal with filthy lucre if we want to eat, stay sheltered, and stay legal: taxes, licenses, permits, fees, tags, rent, utilities, insurance, and fines if you mess up. (This is starting to sound like a George Carlin routine.)  Anyhoo, we need money.  More directly, I need money.

So this year, I started a series of goals.  One of them was to increase my income by $100 each month. I was able to achieve that (so far) as of July I earned over $600. Oh yeah, that's how I roll. If I had it all in one's I could make it rain (if I didn't already spend it on food, gas and electricity).

How did I earn this ginormous sum? A small graphic design job, some online auctions, Craigslist and hocking some old jewelry at a pawn shop. Some of these things were one time only deals, but everything is an experience that may be pulled later from my mental catalog. I have other irons in the fire.  I have also placed some items at a local consignment shop, started this blog and am working some other neato keen ideas.

I am not another single mom with a below poverty level income who will forever be at the mercy of the system and  the ability of my ex to pay his child support. Well, yes I am that for now, but I do not intend to remain that and it won't change by wishing. In the meantime, I will share with the class how I am taking these steps and what is working and what isn't.

Another desired thread in my tapestry; the ability to be useful to others.

Next post: my on-again off-again love/hate affair with eBay.


Debra said...

I cheer you and myself on in that ever changing and needful state of self.sufficiency. Funny how that it never ends, this desire to put food items in ones mouth, have a protection covering over the head at night other than a tent or the roof of the car, and that infernal consistent smell that creates itself without a means to bathe...yep, the basics of life needing to be fulfilled aint going anywhere that's for sure...I look forward to reading more helpful hints toward growing more sufficient in all.ways....smiles

Daisy said...

Nice day!

Daisy said...

Very excellent read...hope this posts!!

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