Thursday, February 7, 2013

So...I've been busy

Rockin' and Rollin' on my art projects for the shop.  Actually sold some larger pieces. (Yay!)  This is a new experience.   I don't have to sell the items myself.  They do that for me at the gallery.  I'm beginning to really like this delegation of tasks thing.

Seashell Valentine Garland

As I have been creating and moving things along for sale as quickly as possible I, unfortunately, haven't been blogging.  I have been taking pics though, fully intending to have lots of lovely posts and spiffy tutorials up by now.  So...I've been busy.  Don't be mad.  I'll make it up.

This is a little seasonal thing that I whipped up for the shop.  The garland is simply a thicker natural jute braided and some thinner jute tied to it with seashells, beads and wooden letters and hearts attached.  The letters and large heart were plain wood ones from a craft store painted red and glittered. (Important: Glitter makes everything better!)  I used my Dremel with a diamond bit to make holes in the seashells, regular bit to make holes in the wood and used a bit of jewelry wire to string the letters and beads together before tying to the jute.  Oh yeah, I used a smaller heart for the "o" in "love".  Adorable, no?

Many more pics and projects to come.   Hugs and stuff!

Now where should I stick these? 

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